Zanna Van Dijk Shares Her Six Tips for Staying Healthy On Holiday

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Get one step closer to that highly coveted holiday glow with this easy-to-follow advice from renowned fitness blogger and Insta-star Zanna Van Dijk 

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort has teamed up with renowned UK personal trainer and fitness blogger Zanna Van Dijk to offer an exclusive workout programme at the private island resort. Esteemed for empowering women to lead healthier and happier lives with a successful book – Strong – and a leading Instagram account, Zanna has created a programme suitable for both seasoned gym-bunnies and those who are beginning their fitness journey. From resistance training in the state-of-the-art Fitness Centre to bodyweight training alongside the glistening Indian Ocean, the workouts will help guide guests of all ages and backgrounds. To go with, Zanna shares her tips and tricks for your healthiest holiday yet.

Stay healthy on holiday with these easy tips from Zanna Van Dijk


Start your day the right way. We often come up with excuses to avoid working out later in the day, if you’re keen to exercise on holiday then do it first thing in the morning before your brain kicks in and tells you not to! Hit up the hotel gym if you have the facilities to hand, otherwise check out at home workouts on YouTube or use basic equipment you can pack in your bag such as resistance bands. Be realistic – all you need is 30 minutes of activity to kick-start your morning.


If exercise isn’t your jam, I understand. Not everyone wants to train on holiday. If that’s the case then just try and stay active in other ways. Never underestimate the power of walking – aim to hit 15,000 steps in a day. Swim a few laps of the pool. Hop on a paddleboard or a kayak to get an upper body challenge. Pick activities which are more taxing, such as hiking or rock climbing, to keep your body moving on vacation.


Try to pick one or two things which you will indulge in each day, whether that is an ice cream on the beach, a glass of wine at dinner or a pizza at lunch. I know it can be tempting to adopt a “YOLO” attitude when on holiday but try not to indulge in all these things at once. A treat or two a day is much more sustainable.


That being said, don’t deprive yourself of holiday treats completely. That will only lead to feelings deprivation and perhaps even binging and overeating. Instead, exercise moderation. Allowing yourself a little bit of what you fancy, as well as a lot of the good healthy and nourishing foods too. That way you’re looking after your body, and your soul.


One place to be extra careful on holiday is at the buffet. It is extremely easy to go overboard, loading up your plate with a mountain of food as well as seconds and thirds. What I try to do is stick to a small appetiser plate – choosing a side plate to serve it on – which I fill with all the nibbles. Then I go back for my main plate of food (on a normal sized plate), which I will with half greens/veggies and the rest I am a bit more flexible with, as long as I try and get some protein in too. Just stick to sensible portions and try to get a variety of macro and micronutrients by including carbohydrates, fats, proteins and lots of veggies.


Drinks often contain hidden calories. Beware of those disguised in flavoured coffees, juices, smoothies, shakes and cocktails. Focus on hydrating with water, and them try to have indulgent beverages in moderation. Perhaps one a day, such as a glass of wine with dinner or a coffee with syrup at breakfast. Be savvy with your drinks!The workout programme will be available at the resort’s Vommuli House until November 2018. A stay at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort is from £896 ($1,190) per room per night, based on three people sharing a Garden Villa with Pool.  Seaplane transfers from Male are $645 return per person.

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