Absolutely London Tries The Welded Bracelet Trend With Atelier VM

Atelier VM

Welded bracelets are a big trend now, started by Italian jewellery brand Atelier VM…

By Pendle Harte

With its prominent position in Liberty’s prestigious jewellery department, it’s hard to imagine that Atelier VM started out so modestly. The Italian fine jewellery brand’s story began in 1998, when its founders were only 20 years old, making experimental jewellery out of glass and paper to sell at the beach and at markets in Milan. Fast forward to 2021, and today Atelier VM founders Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj Oleari are fulfilling their vision
of meaningful, inspired pieces that hold personal sentiment to the customer
for them to carry through each stage of their lives.

Each piece in the ethereal collection of elegant, modern jewellery tells a story of unity, love and friendship designed to last a lifetime. Their focus is simplicity and minimalism, in contrast to the Italian jewellery tradition of big and bright pieces. The Atelier VM collection is small and subtle, designed to become part of the wearer’s life.

The idea of welded jewellery is simple: there’s no clumsy clasp, simply an unbroken circle. Once welded in place, the L’Essenziale piece is bonded for a lifetime, only removed by cutting. This revolutionary welded design was first launched by Atelier VM in 2014, when they were the first jewellery brand to introduce the concept. Each piece is designed by the customer, as they select the chain and additional charms before the piece is measured onto the wrist by an Atelier VM specialist, and hand-welded to secure. 

The collection has been designed with a delicate lightness that does not interfere with movement as each bracelet moulds to the natural contours of the body. Delicate, classic and personified with a gold thread entwining the wrist or finger, L’Essenziale acts as a promise that connects us to someone or something, completely unique for every person.

A L’Essenziale piece is an emotional and exciting experience with a made-to-measure service provided to every customer, and each piece telling its own unique experience. The bracelets come in four thicknesses, ranging from £210 – £1,300, with the option of 18ct yellow, rose or white gold finishes. Each one can be complemented and personalised further with a variety of charms including classic pearls, white diamonds, gold lettering and acrylic symbols.The full collection is available exclusively in store at Liberty London and online.


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