Chanel Turns Everyday Objects Into Luxury Items At Factory 5


The Chanel No5 water bottle is set to be this Summers must have accessory…

100 years ago, Chanel launched what was to become the world’s most recognizable fragrance with Chanel No5. With notes of ylang-ylang, vetiver and jasmine, the cult fragrance has become synonymous with the Chanel brand over the years. 

Never one to pass up on a celebration (or a fabulous marketing opportunity – see the infamous AW 2014 Lait De Coco Milk Bottle clutch), The Chanel team have launched a 17 piece limited edition collection to celebrate the iconic scent. The collection pays homage to the very first version of the No5 perfume – which was packaged in a laboratory bottle. 

Lovers of the brand can now purchase shower gel packaged in a paint can, bath tablets in a tea tin, and body cream in a paint tube – all of which are No5 scented. Also on the lineup is the Chanel No5 water bottle, which is set to be the Summers must have accessory – thanks to the rise of designer water bottles and holders (side note – I very nearly left with one of these but couldn’t quite justify the £56 as an individual who would almost certainly misplace it on the tube). 

Of the collection, Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, head of global creative resources at Chanel, says “Not only extremely rare, sparingly used things have value. The things we use the most, if they provide a luxurious experience, are also valuable. N°5 subverts everyday objects and demonstrates once again that luxury is also in the experience that we have of things. By giving these objects the N°5 identity, they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their own designs”.

Chanel fans can enjoy the immersive experience at The Selfridges Corner Shop, open to the public until the 31st July. Guests will be able to follow the product at various stages of the production line, alongside playful, offbeat demonstrations. “Wearing N°5 transforms everyday life. By taking the identity of N°5 and putting it into everyday objects, CHANEL FACTORY 5 affirms the House’s audacity, spirit of freedom, and ability to reinvent itself”.

The Selfridges Corner Shop, W1A 1AB

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