Glazing Solutions To Add Light To Your Home


Top tips from Kloeber about how to make the most of natural light in your home

Maximising the natural light in your home can not only have a positive effect on your mood and general well-being, but it can also create a welcoming environment for family and friends. A home flooded with natural light will have less dependency on energy use, with no need to flick on a light switch, you can also do your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. So how do you maximise the natural light in your home? Read on for our top tips:

Aluminium Uberslide And Fixed Glazing
Aluminium UberSlide and fixed glazing

Glazed patio doors – let the light flood in

If you want to connect your indoor and outdoor space then a patio door is one of the most desired elements to any self-build or extension project. Bifold doors can open up to 90% of the aperture and are perfect for smaller openings, whereas sliding doors will open up to 75% of the aperture. One of the panes remains fixed in place with the others sliding behind, but when closed, they offer wide panels and unadulterated views. French doors are another option, perfect for more traditional properties, they can be installed with fixed glazing panels to offer a similar ‘wall of glass’ effect as bifold and sliding doors. Glazed doors can help you increase the light coming into in a north facing room and optimise the light in a south facing room; either way, they will make any room feel larger and brighter.

Share the light with internal glazing

The ideal way to share a source of light from another room is with internal glazing. You don’t always need to add a window to an external wall, an internal window can add an interesting feature to your home. How about a glass panel above a door, or as a point interest in a kitchen? You could try an internal glazed door to add light to a dark hallway from a dining or living room and why not consider an internal bifold door? They offer an ideal solution with the dual purpose of creating zones within the family living space as well as allowing light to flow through, from room to room.

Transform your dark hallway

If feel your hallway is dark and unappealing, why not consider an entrance door with glass panels within the design? Or you could add a fanlight above the door or sidelights (glazed panels to one or both sides of the door, which can be opaque to protect privacy) to add impact to the entrance of your home.

Aluminium Bifold Door
Aluminium bifold door

Unique glazed gables and fixed glazing

Glazed gables and fixed glazing panels will create an interesting architectural focal point to any home. You can add a wow factor with a vaulted ceiling together with a glazed gable to enhance your property and add a bifold or sliding door to achieve a glass wall from ground level up. Ceilings, walls and corners offer the potential of benefiting from additional natural light as well as creating a truly unique element to your home.

For more information on how to add light to your home, speak to the team from Kloeber. Their technical sales advisors are experienced in project management and can advise on how their wide range of products can be tailored to suit your project. A visit to one of their nationwide showrooms in Cambridgeshire, West London, Buckinghamshire and West Sussex is highly recommended. They operate on an appointment only basis, contact them on 01487 740044 or [email protected]

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