Interview With The Berkshire Founder Of My Little Green Wardrobe


Fashion isn’t just for the grown ups… Founder of My Little Green Wardrobe, Lucy Todd, reflects on an exciting first few months dressing children in quality, sustainable clothing

When did you launch My Little Green Wardrobe and what inspired it?

My Little Green Wardrobe launched in June 2021, after I found it difficult shopping more sustainably for my own two children. As a journalist, I covered the fashion industry and was shocked to learn how damaging it was environmentally, but also how socially damaging it was for the workers who produce the clothes. 

But it can be really hard distinguishing between brands acting in a more sustainable way from those that aren’t and – after going down numerous internet rabbit holes – it took me a whole afternoon to buy just two products for my eldest daughter when she was about to start school. I found myself wishing there was a website that had already done all the hard work, where I could just shop pre-vetted brands, knowing they were all better for the planet. That was my eureka moment!

And then after doing some more research, I realised there were lots of smaller independent brands that were doing great things – but how would you know they were there? There needed to be a website to pull them all together. The aim off My Little Green Wardrobe is to be a one-stop shop for parents who want to dress their kids in high quality clothes that are kinder to the planet and the people who make them.

Lucy Todd With Daughter Evelyn
Lucy Todd with daughter Evelyn

What was the initial response like to what you were trying to achieve?

Everyone has been super encouraging about the idea and I’ve had some great support from some high level industry executives and brands too, which is great. Most people are on board with acting in a more sustainable way, but I think there is a lot of confusion over what sustainability means – particularly in the fashion industry where there is a lot of greenwash.

One of my main roles is trying to get the message out there that buying organic cotton and lower impact garments means you can buy fewer garments overall, because the quality is so much better and should last. It also means fewer items end up in landfill, which is a win-win!

How do you maintain a sustainable approach to the business?

All our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is printed with vegetable-based inks. We send out a thank you card with each order that is printed on seed paper, made from scraps of material from the textiles industry impregnated with meadow flowers. All you have to do is water it thoroughly and watch them grow! We’re powered by green energy, and recycle card and plastic packaging we receive from suppliers.


How do you decide on which brands to partner up with?

My Little Green Wardrobe has ethical values that we assign to each brand. Our customers can filter clothes according to these values – which include planet, people, vegan, gives back etc… That way shoppers can purchase items based on what’s really important to them.

In order to do this, I thoroughly vet each brand I work with and look at their ethos and the materials they use. Before becoming a MLGW brand they must complete a survey with information about how they manufacture their garments, the factory conditions, what certifications they have, whether they donate proceeds to charity, have diversity and inclusivity goals etc – and I use this info as a basis on which MLGW ethical values they’ll be assigned.

How long have you lived in Maidenhead and what do you love about it?

I’ve lived in this area for most of my life, having been born in Ascot and brought up in Windsor – so I’m a Berkshire girl through and through! I love everything about it: the culture, history and especially the open spaces like Windsor Great Park and, now I’m in Maidenhead, how close we are to the Chilterns. That mixed with the proximity to London – for work / meeting friends/ going out etc – has always meant for me that this is an unbeatable area to live in. The only drawback of growing up a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle has been that I find most other castles around the world somewhat underwhelming…

Tobias The Bear
Tobias and the Bear

Looking at 2022, what brands are hot for you right now?

I love our brand Hunter & Boo, which only launched in the UK in 2021. The cotton is so unbelievably soft and silky – you really have to feel it to believe it. And the prints are amazing – perfect for anyone starting to plan a sunshine getaway, or who just wants to chase away the winter blues!

Also we’re about to launch Roc + Rudi (pictured top of the page), which is a brand new organic childrenswear label made here in the UK. They call their clothes gender irrelevant because they’re great for both boys and girls – ideal for passing on to siblings or family members. I’m so excited because they have the cutest little baby sleepsuits – it almost make me want a third! Almost… 


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