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Rare Millésime 2008  x Duet of Haddock and Celery by Chef Edouard Chouteau

Rare Champagne

Rare Champagne transforms the obstacles of nature and glorifies the personality of an exceptional year -singular, unexpected, or wayward into an unrivalled vintage.


True to the Rare Champagne signature, Rare Millésime 2008 holds unlimited potential for growth, youth and complexity. Rare Millésime 2008 imparts the fervour of an infinite spring. This Champagne is a crystal-clear, light gold in colour. The initial nose shines with the pure vivacity of this vintage, showing pronounced aromas of orange blossom, hyacinth and white flowers, with notes of just-ripe Williams pear, fresh coconut, almond, and tangerine. Saline and smoky hints balance the nose perfectly. The palate is crisp and precise, with citrus and tropical fruit lingering on the long, complex finish. Rare Millésime 2008 marries 70% Chardonnay grapes, selected mainly from the Montagne de Reims region and 30% Pinot Noir in a blend of eleven crus.

 Discover the promise of an exceptional experience with Rare Champagne by chef Edouard Chouteau.

The Michelin-starred Chef imagined in a private kitchen located just meters away from the Reims Cathedral in France a journey of flavours revealed by a creative pairing.

Rare Millésime 2008 x Duet of haddock and celery


Celery – Haddock – Milk – Borage flowers

  1. Peel the celery and cut it into 5-mm slices, then poach them in milk infused with haddock trimmings
  1. Make a thin celery brandade with the thin part of the fish and arrange it on the plate
  1. Then intersperse the celery sticks and haddock which has just been seared in the oven for a few seconds to warm it
  2. Garnish with young celery sprouts and borage flowers

A recipe imagined by the chef Edouard Chouteau that brings out all the freshness of Rare Millésime 2008. 

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