The Do’s & Dont’s of Reducing Belly Fat & Bloating

The Do's & Dont's of Reducing Belly Fat & Bloating

Top female body transformation coach Tanya Niedzwiecki shows us the best ways to beat the bloat

Words Tanya Niedzwiecki, female body transformation coach

DO eat in a moderate calorie deficit

Fat loss occurs when we consume less energy than we burn. Figure out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) & deduct 20-25%. This will give you a 5-2lb loss of body fat a week & is considered a healthy rate of weight loss.

DON’T eat too much refined sugar

Which can cause fat gain AND bloating. Most of your calories should come from nutritious, unprocessed sources. Stick to the 80/20 rule where 20% can come from “treats” and you will be well under your sugar limits plus your adherence to your flat belly plan will be higher, allowing you to stick to it for longer.

DO try Flexible Fasting

Studies show that fasting can activate the fat cells which allow fat loss to take place and inhibits the cells that stop or slow fat loss. Plus Flexible Fasting makes managing your daily calorie intake far easier.

DON’T get any less then 7 hours of sleep a night

Lack of sleep can cause bloating, sugar cravings and increased stress levels due to hormonal upset and feeling tired. We know why we want to prevent sugar cravings but research shows that increased stress levels leads to increased belly fat.. another thing we want to prevent.

DO drink flat tummy tonic

I can suffer from terrible bloating and this drink always seems to ease my symptoms and keep things moving, helping me to get back to a flat belly faster. Plus it’s important to stay hydrated, dehydration can also lead to bloating and water retention, which cause that ‘puffy’ look.

Ingredients for Tanya’s Flat Tummy Tonic
– 2L of water
– Fresh lemon juice
– Fresh mint leaves or peppermint tea bags
– Cucumber
– Optional: Fresh ginger or liquid ginger

DON’T assume you can lose fat from a specific area

Unfortunately spot reduction is not possible, what you CAN do is reduce total body fat which means you will shrink all over. Stubborn fat (usually stomach, hips and thighs) is always the last to shift.


DO increase blood flow to the area

In order to be burned as energy, fat needs to move out of the fat cell and into the blood stream. Stubborn fat stores get less blood flow, this is why it can sometimes feel cold to the touch. The best way to increase blood flow? Resistance training supersets. Choose a large muscle group for exercise A and superset with an ab exercise for B.

Example: 4 sets of Squats immediately followed by V Ups.

DO resistance training 2-4 times a week

With a focus on compound exercises that work larger muscle groups. The core has to work hard to stabilise and prevent injury when doing full body moves plus compound exercises burn far more calories.

DON’T focus on crunches

Or smaller muscle groups in your workout. Contrary to popular belief, crunches and isolated exercises won’t do much on your quest for a flat tummy.

DO include planks in your workouts

Planks strengthen your whole core not just the abs you can see. This can help create a flatter stomach by pulling everything in, like the body’s very own inner corset. Include variations such as commandos and side planks to keep things fun.tanyanfitness.com

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