6 Easy Arm-Toning Exercises to Try Today

6 Easy Arm-Toning Exercises to Try Today

Make like Pippa and achieve perfectly toned arms with these six easy exercises

Words Joy Montgomery


It might not be the latest fitness fad, but swimming is one of the most simple yet effective ways to tone arms. Have you seen Rebecca Adlington? Try combining your usual lane lap swimming with some arm-toning exercises to banish stubborn underarm fat. Try water-based arm raises with your arms submerged in the water. Plus, swimming is also low impact and gentle on your joints. Win win!


The classic plank is another easy arm-toning exercise that you can do at home, which is great for strengthening arms and core. To step things up, try placing one hand on a paper plate and, keeping your arms straight, circle it ten times clockwise and counter-clockwise and repeat. Prepare to feel the burn.


Perfect for exercising on the go, resistance bands are easy to pack and great for targeted arm-toning. There are hundreds of different exercise moves you can do with resistance bands – from standing bicep curls to resistance band tricep kickbacks. Healthy holidays here we come.


Kettlebell training uses acceleration and deceleration to generate muscle tone faster. Lots of women think that weight training will lead to bulky muscles, whereas in fact doing multiple reps with low-to-mid level weights will help you tone and burn fat. For a 15-minute power kettle bell workout try these workout moves.


Why reserve workouts for the gym? Avoid lethargy by fitting in small exercises at your desk. Try rolling your chairs towards and away from the desk with your legs lifted – this will help tone the lats and biceps. Alternatively, you can work your delts and obliques by lifting up your laptop and raising it to the side. Perform the lift 20 times to each corner.


Hitting the park this weekend? Don’t leave all the fun to the kids and try your hand at swinging from the monkey bars. This is a great arm-toning workout as it works all the muscles around your shoulders. Try going across and back for two to three minutes. Or, if you want a real challenge, try pull-ups with your hands wide on the bar.

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