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How to Stay Motivated with Your Workout During the Heatwave

summer workout routine

Just because the temperature is rising in the city, it doesn’t mean your summer workout routine should cool off. Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer Sandy Macaskill shares his top tips for training in the heatwave

Words Sandy Macaskill

Ways to stay on top of your summer workout routine

Conservative early, liberal late

Get your workout done early doors before the sun is at its hottest. It’s cooler, obviously, and leaves the rest of the day for liberal living. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bbq and cocktail, just earn it first!

Remember the why

We train for a reason, whether it’s simply to feel better or take a break from work, kids, emails, Instagram. That hasn’t changed just because it’s hot. Don’t let that little voice in your head get in the way.

Interval training

Interval training is perfect for hotter sessions because you give yourselves plenty of breaks. Go hard for short bursts, then take a breather and rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate. It burns max calories and opens the endorphin flood-gates. Did I mention rehydrate?

Hit some weights

For those cardio fiends out there, now’s the perfect time to change it up and discover resistance training. You can regulate your body temperature more easily, create lean muscle and your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours.

summer workout routine

Plug alert

The Met Office are telling us to stay out of the sun, so listen to the boffins and come and see me inside. At Barry’s, we start at 6am (#1), you don’t have to think (#2), we have 20 years of treadmill interval experience (#3), we help you lift weights (#4)… oh, and there’s ice cold water on tap and A/C turned to the max.

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